Contribution Agreement

Contribution Program Agreement


There has been agreement and agreement between:


e-commerce site Souq Joha

Referred to for the purposes of this first party contract

And any individual member of the community within the country in which the site operates and has full mental and legal capacity and acknowledges that he agrees to the policies and terms and conditions and find the same competence and ability to work in the exchange and bringing advertisers, subscribers and sellers of the site Souq joha

Referred to for the purposes of this Contract (Second Party)


The first party Souq Joha  for trading and E-Marketing, and is engaged in e-marketing activity through a website for trading and network marketing through subscription or commission system. (Souq joha) ( The main objective of the website is to facilitate e-commerce and facilitate the delivery of services and products to customers through the direct link between the provider (supplier) and the customer (customer), and from the idea of ​​encouraging people to contribute to In order to obtain financial income in order to gain ownership of the site and participate in it by bringing the participants or suppliers or advertisers, so the two parties have met the desire to complete this contract after reading their eligibility to contract and act and conclude contracts where they agreed on the following:


First: The previous preamble shall be considered an integral part of the contract, supplementing and interpreting it.


Second: The second party undertakes under this contract to bring customers to the first party whether they are subscribers, suppliers or advertisers in return for a percentage of (20%) calculated for the second party after the completion of the subscription and supplying the value to the first party. )


Third: The parties agreed that the second party shall be held accountable upon his arrival to the minimum available 500 points for bank transfer and 250 points for use in transactions inside the site (purchase, subscription, advertisement).

(Where each point represents one number of the currency of the country where the Souq joha operates)



Fourth: The second party shall bear any fees resulting from the bank transfers related to the transfer of his dues.

Fifth: The second party is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the information and data that he aspires to in his work as a shareholder and not to participate in any commercial transaction belonging to the client who brought it to the first party. This is a task limited only to the first party and acknowledges and insists that his role is limited only to bringing the customer (seller, The advertiser shall not be entitled to claim any monetary value upon completion of the transaction with the customer and shall not commit to violating the state regulations


Sixth: The first party shall have the right to terminate this contract alone if any remarks that violate the terms and conditions of Souq joha are seized at any time without notice to the second party. The second party shall not have the right to object or protest the contract.


The first party reserves the right to amend any of them for any reason at any time. The first party publishes these changes on the site. The second party has the responsibility to review these provisions on a continuous basis. The Site after the amendment constitutes an agreement to abide by all terms and conditions set out including all the policies and guidelines listed here or referred to in the website and its commitment to the system of combating information crimes.

Terms and Conditions of Contribution:


* The membership of the shareholder is granted only to persons over the age of 18 years and the site has the right to cancel the account of any member did not reach the age of 18 years without notice with the commitment to liquidate his financial accounts immediately after the closure of the account.


* No shareholder shall be entitled to use the Website as a Shareholder if the Contribution Membership is canceled by Souq joha. If any shareholder signs up with other different data,


* Each shareholder using the site must abide by (all laws applicable to the regulation of electronic commerce) (trade via the Internet)


* No shareholder may use one e-mail and / or one mobile number to open more than one account for any reason. The management of the site has the right to freeze and / or cancel the accounts and commit to liquidate all transactions related to the account before closing and / or freezing. / Or cancel it without any liability on the site and Souq joha


* It is understood and expressly agreed that any shareholder is not entitled to bring companies, persons working in prohibitions or suspects (whether that member is a natural person or a legal person) and are engaged in the sale or purchase of prohibited, suspicious or stolen products or any products that are contrary to the laws and regulations Within the State and any other governmental bodies that have the authority to supervise and control the local trade services and the rules and regulations of electronic commerce. If this proves, the member / client puts himself under legal and personal responsibility and agrees to assume full legal responsibility. Yeh legal on-site or Joha  supermarket management.


* That Souq joha has the right to take all measures, and the member and / or the client that in case of proven violation of the above legal provisions to confront him and demand the damage sustained.


* In the event that more than one shareholder to bring the same company, the first party (Souq joha) the right alone to review the company or verify the system prepared to know the code entered to any shareholder and notify the shareholders by email or text messages or through communication or any method Followed by the first party (Souq joha).


Conditions for establishing a shareholder account and registration obligations:


Upon submission of the registration application for membership of the shareholder on the site, the customer is obliged to disclose specific information and choose a user name and password to be used when entering the site as a shareholder and upon acceptance of the registration application,


* Be especially responsible for keeping confidential information about your account and password confidential and to identify people who are allowed to access and use your account on the site.


* In the event of any illegal use or violation of the account, the customer is obliged to inform the Souq joha Department through the contact us icon or through the support team immediately. This use and in the event that the technical support team or the Souq joha Department are not immediately notified of any illegal use and To access the customer’s account, the site or Souq joha assumes no liability.


* In no event shall the Site and Administration be responsible for any loss you may incur directly or indirectly, materially or materially as a result of disclosure of your username or password.


* It is known to the client or shareholder that he is the person responsible for maintaining the use of the site with all seriousness and credibility and is obliged to compensate the site and the management of Souq joha for any losses and damage that may be caused to Souq joha and the site as a result of any illegal or real use or authorized for your account by you or by any other person Obtain the keys to access your account, whether for the delivery of services or otherwise, using your username and password, either on your own or without authorization.


* Customer acknowledges that all information disclosed by him is true, correct, updated and complete information that complies with what is required in the registration form as a shareholder


* You will be obliged to maintain and update the registration data in a timely manner in order to keep it true, correct, complete and complete, and if you disclose incorrect, incorrect, incomplete, incomplete or irrefutable information to the Site and / or to the absolute willing and at any time to conduct any investigations (Directly or through a third party) and requests you to disclose additional information or documents of any size to prove your identity.


* The Contributor acknowledges that it is OK to provide the Site or the administration of Souq joha any information or documents immediately upon request from him and in the event of non-compliance with any of the above, the management of the site Souq joha the right to stop or cancel your membership and to protect you from the site, Unconfirmed and unsubstantiated accounts, accounts or accounts are suspended for a long time without activity.

* During the period of your membership as a shareholder, the website or Souq joha will send emails to help inform your customers of any changes, actions, promotional activities or marketing ideas that may be added to the site.


Your personal information and process details:


* The Client agrees and agrees to grant Souq joha. Or management of Souq joha is unlimited, universal, permanent and irrevocable, exempt from expenses and licensed to use information, personal materials or otherwise, provided to the Site or posted on the Site through Customer Registration, Bidding, Or through any e-mail or any of the channels available on the site, in order to operate and promote the site according to the usage agreement and the confidentiality agreement.


In the event of any dispute, God forbid, in respect of this contract, jurisdiction shall be vested in the court competent to hear the dispute and in the place of residence of the first party


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